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MP3 Audio SermonFour Things Jesus Did To End The Devil's TemptationsPastor Mark MichalcewiczSunday Morning Message01/29/2023 
MP3 Audio SermonSeven Ways We Lose Sight Of The Importance Of Our LifePastor Mark MichalcewiczSunday Afternoon Message01/29/2023 
MP3 Audio SermonPart 1Pastor Mark MichalcewiczWednesday Evening Message01/25/2023Do We Value What God Says Is Precious?
MP3 Audio SermonSurvey Questions About Life's CaresPastor Mark MichalcewiczSunday Morning Message01/22/2023 
MP3 Audio SermonThe Work That's Done For GodPastor Mark MichalcewiczSunday Evening Message01/22/2023 
MP3 Audio SermonPart 3Pastor Mark MichalcewiczWednesday Evening Message01/18/2023What Type Of Disciple Am I
MP3 Audio SermonThe Message That Jesus Commissions Us To TellPastor Mark MichalcewiczSunday Morning Message01/15/2023 
MP3 Audio SermonAre You Known By The Lord's Name?Pastor Mark MichalcewiczSunday Evening Message01/15/2023 
MP3 Audio SermonPart 2Pastor Mark MichalcewiczWednesday Evening Message01/11/2023What Type Of Disciple Am I
MP3 Audio SermonHow To Build An Altar Unto The LordPastor Mark MichalcewiczSunday Morning Message01/08/2023 
MP3 Audio SermonSix Commitments That Help Us Finish Well For God's GloryPastor Mark MichalcewiczSunday Morning Message01/08/2023 
MP3 Audio SermonPart 1Pastor Mark MichalcewiczWednesday Evening Message01/04/2023What Type Of Disciple Am I
MP3 Audio SermonPrinciples For Successful Stewardship In 2023Pastor Mark MichalcewiczSunday Morning Message01/01/2023 
MP3 Audio SermonIs Your Christmas Different Than The World's Christmas Part 2Pastor Mark MichalcewiczWednesday Evening Message12/28/2022 
MP3 Audio SermonThe Journey of ChristmasGrace Baptist ChurchSunday Morning Musical12/25/2022Christmas Programs

2592 S. Michigan Rd.
Eaton Rapids, MI 48827
Phone: 517.663.5690